Shower enclosures

Shower enclosure NIDA Shower enclosure NIDA

A frameless pentagonal shower enclosure for small spaces.

Shower enclosure MILDA Shower enclosure MILDA

A shower enclosure with a sliding front door for spacious bathrooms.

Shower enclosure NORA PLUS Shower enclosure NORA PLUS

A frameless single-door rectangular shower enclosure.       

Shower enclosure RASA Shower enclosure RASA

A four-sided shower enclosure with sliding doors for small spaces.

Shower enclosure SANDRA Shower enclosure SANDRA

A single-door rectangular Scandinavian-style shower enclosure.

Shower enclosure SIMA Shower enclosure SIMA

A rectangular Scandinavian-style shower enclosure with additional wall panels.

Shower enclosure SIMONA Shower enclosure SIMONA

A Scandinavian-style folding shower enclosure suited to small spaces.

Shower enclosure VESTA Shower enclosure VESTA

A four-sided shower enclosure with sliding doors for small spaces.

Shower enclosure SONATA Shower enclosure SONATA

A semicircular Scandinavian-style shower enclosure with sturdy walls.

Shower enclosure VAIVA Shower enclosure VAIVA

A framed pentagonal shower enclosure for small, tight spaces.

Shower enclosure VIKTORIJA Shower enclosure VIKTORIJA

A rectangular Scandinavian-style shower enclosure.

Shower enclosure PRISMA 5 Shower enclosure PRISMA 5

An ideal shower enclosure for small spaces beside a window. 

Shower enclosure PRISMA 6 Shower enclosure PRISMA 6

A shower enclosure that folds up to save space when not in use.

Shower enclosure ANA PLUS Shower enclosure ANA PLUS

A rectangular single-door shower enclosure with recessed hinges.

Shower enclosure AURORA Shower enclosure AURORA

A rectangular two-door shower enclosure with recessed hinges and additional wall panels.

Frequently asked questions
Do our standard products fit on standard shower trays?

Our standard 80x80, 90x90, and 100x100 products are suitable for mounting on all manufacturers’ shower trays of the corresponding size. When ordering pentagonal enclosures, it is essential to note that the product is needed on a tray. It is also important that the tray be placed flush with tiling during installation.

Where can a product's price be found?

Prices are available by emailing us at We will calculate the offer that is best for you.

How long does production take?

We keep some standard models in stock for delivery within 5 days. We can produce other products within 15-20 days of order confirmation. Delivery costs and times are agreed individually.


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