Shower enclosures and walls with bronze-colour fittings


Neutral or cold colours have been predominant in bathroom interior for a long time because they symbolize elegance and sophisticated taste, asceticism, and sterility. However, the changing life speed has brought an understanding that in order to create a cozy and relaxing place, one needs warm and soft colours.

The design trends of recent years are characterised by an attempt to create more vivid and warmer atmosphere and increasing use of brown shades: terracotta, bronze or rust, olive, pine or cedar. The brown shades of various intensities used in interior illustrate relaxing inspiration by nature, closeness to naturality, allusion to past stylistics that could be reinforced using the items from the collection “Without limits” with the bronze-coloured fittings!

Bronze is a warm colour that manifests particular quality and luxury. It is not as shiny as gold, so, unique, cozy and warm bathroom interior could be created. 

One of the materials that could be paired perfectly with brass is natural wood. Nice wooden floor or furniture could be a stylish addition to bronze that grants calmness and creates minimal and elegant style integrity. Marble is another material that together with bronze shades could create a modern and never aging atmosphere in a bathroom.

Bronze and black colour together create an atmosphere of intimacy and luxury in your bathroom, especially when illumination is adjusted appropriately. The combination of bronze with pastel colours (for example, light blue, mint green or rosy) will grant a sense of balance and will supplement perfectly a completely unique and warm interior. As bronze falls under a “neutral” category, it is also a very universal colour that could be mixed with intense cold tones, including dark blue, deep grey and forest green; yet, such warm colours as red and orange could be also paired with bronze perfectly.

The following items are made with bronze-coloured fittings:  


In order to preserve the bronze colour as long as possible, we recommend cleaning such parts with a soft dry cloth or towel after each use. Do not use any cleansers or detergents with abrasive particles, as they could damage coating. If you do not succeed to clean them from the first time, repeat the soaking and cleaning process until the parts get clean. When no water or soap spots are left, rinse accurately with clean water and clean with a dry, clean cloth until all water is removed and the surfaces covered by bronze colour restore their colour. Do the above and the bronze details in your bathroom will look nice and new for many years.

Shower door IEVA Shower door IEVA

A frameless shower door for narrow openings.

Shower door with wall panel IEVA PLUS Shower door with wall panel IEVA PLUS

A frameless shower door for openings of average width.

Shower door IRMA Shower door IRMA

A frameless shower door with a wall panel.

Shower enclosure NORA Shower enclosure NORA

A frameless single-door rectangular shower enclosure.

Shower enclosure NORA PLUS Shower enclosure NORA PLUS

A frameless single-door rectangular shower enclosure.       

IEVA PLUS shower door with additional wall panel IEVA PLUS shower door with additional wall panel

A frameless shower door for wide openings.


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