Global market solutions

Having worked in diverse markets for many years (since 1996), we understand our customers’ unique preferences and can offer the best bathroom solutions for any given country or region. Since we have subsidiaries and partners in Western and Eastern Europe and the Nordic region, we can provide complete customer service: from proposing a bathroom furnishing idea, to measuring, designing, visually modelling, manufacturing, delivering and professionally installing shower enclosures and walls with a 7-year guarantee.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Lithuania, in the centre of Europe, meaning we can reach customers all over Europe in an optimally short time and with minimal transport costs. Since we ourselves design and produce our showers, we can adapt them for a wide range of room sizes and shapes and offer bespoke enclosures where lack of space or other obstacles prevent installing a standard shower cabin or wall.

We are trusted by heads of state and well-known brands including Hilton, Radisson Blu, Marriott, Ibis and others. In working with us, you will gain a reliable and creative partner, and your customers will enjoy enduring shower solutions which they will recommend to their children and friends.



Private labels

We handle the entire production process for home shower solutions, lightweight shower and toilet partitions, and glass partitions for homes and public buildings, every step. So you can rely on us for private label manufacturing - from brand creation to product delivery and installation.

If you would like to have a product from our collection as a private label item, we can offer you a variety of ways to collaborate:

We can be your strategic partner for the production of shower enclosures, screens, shower and toilet partitions, and/or glass partitions for homes or public buildings.

We can develop new products and expand your existing product range.

We can use your raw materials or our own.

We continuously improve our production processes and optimise our consolidated purchasing of raw materials. So we are well placed to continue providing quality services to local and international wholesalers and retailers and other companies.


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