Glass partition walls

When premises are separated in office, at home or elsewhere, it is of great importance not to lose light and not to overload interior with heavy objects and massive partition walls. Therefore, in order to create separate functional spaces for work, rest, and other, glass is a perfect solution. Separation of spaces with the help of glass partition walls is a fast, aesthetical, and modern solution that preserves light, creates an impression of lightness and transparency, and isolates sound perfectly. This solution is practical and decorative as glass may be toned or decorated in different manners, thus enriching the interior with original and stylish details.

We have been among leading suppliers of glass partition walls in Lithuania for the third decade already. We are also that partner who allows you growing and improving together. We offer glass partition walls oof exclusive quality for offices, homes, public showers, washrooms or toilets that satisfy the requirements set by the European countries. The assortment is very wide: framed and frameless, opening, and sliding partition walls.

Our advantages are flexibility, long experience and continuous desire for innovations. We hope to be of service to you and persuade of advantages of our solutions and exceptional servicing of customers.


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