Where to start in ordering a product?

Phase I:

  • Space planning.
  • Choice of product dimensions.
  • Mounting on tile or tray. Choice of tray from Brasta Glass or other manufacturer (if other, check that the standard Brasta Glass enclosure will fit).

Phase II:

  • Space preparation: tiling, slope formation.
  • Measurement.
  • Ordering of product.
  • Installation.
What should be kept in mind when choosing a shower enclosure?

Shower enclosure dimensions are given with the threshold that goes around the enclosure or across the shower door. The width of the threshold is 19 mm. Subtracting that gives the external dimensions of the glass. Precise external dimensions of the glass are given in a table for each product on our website and in our catalogue. They are marked with the letters A and B. The A side always indicates the door. In making the slope, you should subtract the thickness of the glass from its external dimension and start the slope from there. The glass is usually 6 mm, but for non-standard enclosures 8 mm glass may also be used.

Do our standard products fit on standard shower trays?

Our standard 80x80, 90x90, and 100x100 products are suitable for mounting on all manufacturers’ shower trays of the corresponding size. When ordering pentagonal enclosures, it is essential to note that the product is needed on a tray. It is also important that the tray be placed flush with tiling during installation.

Where can a product's price be found?

Prices are available by emailing us at sales@brastaglass.com. We will calculate the offer that is best for you.

How long does production take?

We keep some standard models in stock for delivery within 5 days. We can produce other products within 15-20 days of order confirmation. Delivery costs and times are agreed individually.

Where can parts for Brasta Glass products be obtained?

Send orders to sales@brastaglass.com. There is an extra fee for delivery of parts.


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