Mirrored glass

Mirrored glass for your bathroom

  • Small bathroom? A mirrored shower enclosure or screen will help enlarge it, reflecting not just the interesting decorations on the opposite wall, but all the aesthetically arranged furnishings and accessories in the room.
  • With the right arrangement of light fixtures, the mirrors will fill the space with light and create a unique shimmering effect. And if you hang another mirror in front of a mirrored shower or partition, you can enjoy the effect of infinite space!
  • Cleaning this type of shower enclosure is no challenge at all with the original, designer glass wiper.
  • The mirrored glass is made of tempered safety glass. We can produce either one wall panel of your choice or several stable wall panels. Mirrored glass is less light transmitting.
  • A mirrored shower screen is very functional, as there is rarely a free wall in the bathroom to hang a large mirror. Our customers have already come to love with this option!


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