Industrial-style collection

This collection is inspired by appreciation for what is real, a desire for perfect functionality.

Here mechanical and engineering solutions triumph. We return to the sources of the 19th-century industrial revolution, when the first aim in manufacturing anything was perfect functionality and when metal began to be used widely, along with glass as a time-tested material. The quality of things comes to the fore: quality materials are carefully selected and the best approaches thought out, striving for simplicity and durability.

Brasta Glass is proud to present the industrial-style collection of shower enclosures as one of its masterworks for the bathroom. To bring this product vision to life, we drew on features of the Acrobat Collection.

Strengths of this collection:

  • These are precision-engineered products with doors that can open both inwards and outwards have an adjustable angle when closed. The doors rise when opened and sit flush with the bathroom floor when closed.
  • These are precision-engineered products with doors whose angle can be adjusted when closed. The doors rise when opened and sit flush with the bathroom floor when closed. Most products have doors that can open both inwards and outwards.
  • The metal construction enables easy and reliably adaptation of shower enclosures and wall panels for uneven walls and floors.
  • Panels’ inner sides are coated with Fast Drops, reducing the accumulation of residue on the glass and so making it easier to care for.
  • The black lines that frame the glass on enclosures are a distinctive accent reflecting a fashionable trend in bathroom decor. They outline the perimeter of the glass and divide it into rectangles.
  • Metal constructions are perfectly smooth with a coating of black (or another chosen colour) to protect them from the elements.
  • The colour of the magnetic seals nicely matches the other elements of the shower’s design.
  • The edges of the glass are decorated in black through silk-screen printing, a time-tested and reliable method carried out before the glass is tempered. The paint thus sets well during the tempering process and does not wear off over time. The width of the bands of black paint is 16 mm.

The collection comprises two looks – the NERO FRAME and the NERO CUBE.

In NERO FRAME products, the perimeter of the door is outlined with a silk-screened band. This creates a sense of geometrical completeness and expressiveness.

In NERO CUBE products, large rectangles framed in black, distributed symmetrically or asymmetrically, create an eye-catching shower space suitable for both modern and traditional bathrooms. The black mesh pattern is flush with the surface of the glass and so does not complicate the maintenance or cleaning of the shower enclosure or wall.

Fast drops
Glass palette
  • NERO CUBE products are made with standard height of 2000 mm. A single glass pane can be up to 1072 mm wide (4 full rectangles).
  • We recommend using the NERO CUBE style for products with clear glass.
  • The NERO CUBE style is available for the ACROBAT collection.
  • The width of the silk-screened band is 16 mm.
  • Where the design does not allow for a whole number of standard rectangles, those adjacent to the hinges are made narrower in keeping with the product's dimensions.
  • Non-standard rectangle arrangements, where rectangles are distributed proportionally, are also possible.



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