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How to make your bathroom even more distinctive

Every home, every room even, has something original and unique. We all try to create a home interior that’s special, one that reflects our tastes, worldviews and even hobbies. To that end, we do unexpected things, like surprising pairings of colours or materials, with stunning contrasts or combinations that leave no one indifferent. We use all sorts of elements to decorate spaces and make them distinctive. So, why should it be different for a bathroom? Brasta Glass offers you a chance to make your bathroom unique too. And it's not difficult at all. You just need to choose the right ways and means – which is about more than the right size and shape.

Here's what you can do to add more individual touch to your bathroom:

  • Have the trim on any shower enclosures or bath screens painted in a colour of your choice from the RAL Classic palette. That will add special charm and harmony to your bathroom.
  • Choose a shower enclosure or bath screen from our Industrial Style collection with black lines that break the glass surfaces into rectangles.
  • Turn your bathroom into a royal apartment by picking gold-coloured fittings to adorn the shower enclosure or bath screen. This interior solution will give your bathroom an air of luxury. 
  • It’s hard to imagine a bathroom without a mirror. Frame the mirror to match the colour and style of the fittings on the shower enclosure or screen. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be open to bold new ideas!
  • Fluted glass will help create a bold, modern, clean-lined interior in your bath premises. Reborn from the 19th-century, this type of patterned glass has become a major fashion trend in recent years.
  • Small bathroom? A mirrored shower enclosure or screen will help enlarge it, reflecting not just the interesting decorations on the opposite wall, but all the aesthetically arranged furnishings and accessories in the room. 
  • Use ornaments we’ve created or others you choose to decorate the glass of your shower enclosure or bath screen. Let your fantasy run free for a pattern to match your bathroom’s tiles or other details. 
  • Our SECRET glass will help you combine privacy and transparency. It is clear glass with a 70 or 100 cm matte privacy band (SECRET 70 or SECRET 100) centred as per the height of the enclosure or screen. 
  • For any shower enclosure or screen, you can choose from our palette of glass panes which can be clear or frosted, tinted grey, green, blue or brown, or have ornaments, a pattern or a privacy band.
  • If the standard handle that comes with a product is not quite what you want, personally review our assortment of handles for one that’s a better fit for you.
  • Make your bathroom especially cosy and warm by using shades of brown and our bronze-coloured fittings, which go perfectly with natural wood furnishings and floors and other interior details of that colour. Combining bronze and pastel tones helps create a sense of balance and a unique, warm interior. 
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