Bath screens

"Brasta Glass" offers a wide range of bath screens. Made from safe 6mm tempered glass, they can be both standard and non-standard widths and heights. In our product range, you will find bath screens that can be attached to the wall using either profiles or flexible hinges, which can be chrome or a selected RAL color, retaining a consistent bathroom interior. We can also produce certain models with gold-colored fittings. 
Bath screens are a popular and effective solution that can significantly enhance not only the interior of your bathroom but also its functionality. Here are a few advantages that lead people to choose bath screens:

  1. Water containment while showering: If you use your bathtub as a shower enclosure or simply enjoy lying in it, you can wash yourself without worrying about splashing water onto the floor. The bathroom will stay dry, and you won't need to spend any time cleaning it.
  2. Aesthetic appeal: Bath screens can add elegance and modernity to your bathroom. They can be adapted to various interior styles, from minimalist to classic.
  3. Easy maintenance: All our manufactured bath screens are coated with the "Quick Drops" layer, which repels not only water droplets but also dirt, keeping the glass cleaner and clearer for longer and making cleaning easier.
  4. Privacy and intimacy: Bath screens can help ensure greater privacy when showering by choosing the right height of the bath enclosure wall, as well as the opacity or color of the glass.
  5. Individuality: Choosing from various bath screen designs, fittings and glass colors allows you to create a unique bathroom interior that reflects your personal taste and style.

Additional possibilities for bath screens – non-standard solutions: 
Our greatest distinctiveness lies in our ability to adapt to your needs and create non-standard bath screens. We find solutions for niches, sloped ceilings and tiny bathroom spaces. We design with usability in mind, considering the subtleties of screen opening and maintenance.
Our experience and professionalism guarantee the stability, reliability, and aesthetics of the newly designed product. The price of the product in this case is calculated individually.

Bath screen BERTA Bath screen BERTA

A Scandinavian-style folding bath screen.

Bath Screen MAJA PLUS Bath Screen MAJA PLUS

A Scandinavian-style bath screen with an additional fixed panel.

Bath Screen MAJA Bath Screen MAJA

A folding Scandinavian-style bath screen.

Bath Screen MIJA Bath Screen MIJA

A minimalist-style fixed bath screen.

Bath Screen MEDA Bath Screen MEDA

A folding frameless bath screen.

Bath Screen SVAJA 2 Bath Screen SVAJA 2

A bath screen with a sliding door.

Bath Screen SVAJA 2 PLUS Bath Screen SVAJA 2 PLUS

A bath screen with two sliding doors.


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