Shower enclosures and walls with gold-colour fittings

In a bathroom, too, when used subtly, it helps create a sense of style and distinction. Artfully combining this precious metal with other deep colours can turn even an ordinary room into a royal suite – gold pairs perfectly with colours like dark blue, warm brown, wine red, terracotta and emerald.

Gold can be the basis of a bathroom’s interior design concept. Shower enclosures and screens adorned with gold fittings go very well alongside other gilded elements such as shower heads and handles or towel hooks and mirrors. With an interior approach of this type, your bathroom will radiate luxury.

We use fittings of this colour in our ACROBAT and ELEGANCE collections of shower enclosures. As the form of these enclosures radiates elegance, gold-colour fittings are most fitting for them. Gold-colour fittings are coated with a material that resists abrasion and the elements to avoid wear and ensure a long life.

The following products are available with gold-colour fittings:

  • GERDA, GRETA, RITA, DIJA, LAURA, INA PLIUS, MAJA, MIJA and KAJA shower and bath screens.

How to maintain golden fittings?

To maintain the shine of golden fittings for as long as possible, we recommend simply wiping them with a soft dry cloth or towel after every use. If you clean them less frequently, goldcoloured fittings may lose their shine, in which case we recommend cleaning them with a 1:3 solution of vinegar and water. Place a cloth moistened with the solution on the goldcoloured fittings and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Then wipe them with a damp cloth.

Do not use any cleaning or polishing agents that contain abrasives, as you could damage the coating. Repeat the moistening and wiping process as needed until the fittings are clean. Once all water and soap residue is removed, rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe with a clean dry cloth until no water remains and the gold surfaces shine. Doing this will keep your gold bathroom fittings looking beautiful and new for years to come.

Shower screen DIJA Shower screen DIJA

A minimalist-style shower screen.

Shower door GRETA Shower door GRETA

A Scandinavian-style shower door with a door-lift feature for narrow openings.

Shower screen GERDA Shower screen GERDA

Scandinavian-style shower doors for a narrow opening.

Shower enclosure KATARINA Shower enclosure KATARINA

A semicircular Scandinavian-style shower enclosure.

Shower screen LAURA Shower screen LAURA

A folding Scandinavian-style shower screen.

Shower enclosure KRISTINA Shower enclosure KRISTINA

A single-door rectangular Scandinavian-style shower enclosure.

Bath Screen MAJA Bath Screen MAJA

A folding Scandinavian-style bath screen.

Bath Screen MIJA Bath Screen MIJA

A minimalist-style fixed bath screen.

Shower door with wall panel RITA Shower door with wall panel RITA

A Scandinavian-style shower door with a wall panel, for medium and large openings.

Shower enclosure SIMONA Shower enclosure SIMONA

A Scandinavian-style folding shower enclosure suited to small spaces.

Shower enclosure VIKTORIJA Shower enclosure VIKTORIJA

A rectangular Scandinavian-style shower enclosure.

Shower enclosure ANA PLUS Shower enclosure ANA PLUS

A rectangular single-door shower enclosure with recessed hinges.

Shower enclosure AURORA Shower enclosure AURORA

A rectangular two-door shower enclosure with recessed hinges and additional wall panels.

Shower door INA PLUS Shower door INA PLUS

A shower door with recessed hinges for average-size openings.

Shower enclosure LUNA Shower enclosure LUNA

A pentagonal shower enclosure with recessed hinges for small spaces.


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