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Shower enclosures collection HARMONY

The square is the symbol of symmetry, stability and harmony. The square hinges represent the most visible detail of transparent shower enclosure that reflects the enclosure’s style. The harmony of forms, minimalism and elegance – these were the criteria used by the designers to create this collection. The fruit of the constructors’ work is stability, tightness and comfort.

The rectangular enclosures and forms of hinges repeat the forms of floor and wall tiles in bathroom and create the impression of wholeness. The clear, straight and frameless planes seem to disappear in the environment and allow the colors, patterns of wall decoration or interior details selected by you dominating.

Construction. The rectangular hinges rise during the opening. This allows sealing the bottom of the shower enclosure better – when the enclosure or wall is closed, the lower gasket attached to the bottom of the door presses it. Besides, the mechanism of the rising doors allows closing the door more easily – they close automatically with light push.

Tightness. More watertight vertical links. The gaskets sealing the glasses connected by hinges do not need to be cut in the shower enclosures and walls. This reduces the possibility to let the water in through the sections or gaps of hinges.

Models. The collection consists of five models: Vita, Vita plius, Alma, Gunda and Gunda plius.

Where would we recommend erecting them? They suit spacious bathrooms and rectangular premises.

Maintenance. The maintenance of frameless enclosures is simpler than that of framed constructions – it is easy to clean all the dirt from frameless planes.