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Shower enclosures collection CHARISMA

Charisma is the ability to fascinate, attract people’s attention and allure people by own talent. As the new collection of shower enclosures correspond to the definition of “charisma” well, we decided to call it so – CHARISMA. We called the enclosures by the names of queens as each monarch is charismatic. Besides, we decided to call the shower enclosures by the names of queens of various countries also because they were created by joining experiences of several countries. The bent glass was made in cooperation with France, hinges – with Germany, and gaskets – with Italian manufacturers.

The bent glass, magnet in hinges and their design matched with other fittings of shower enclosure (glass holders and handles) create a harmonious, integrate and charismatic image of the shower enclosure.

Construction. The design of bent glass and magnet used in hinges. The bent glass provides softness and lightness for the shower enclosures. The magnet used in hinges allows opening the doors easily and closing them automatically from any location. Besides, the entire construction of shower enclosure is lighter.

Tightness. More watertight vertical links. The gaskets sealing the glasses connected by hinges do not need to be cut in the shower enclosures and walls. This reduces the possibility to let the water in through the sections or gaps of hinges.

Models. The collection consists of 6 models: Regina, Regina plius, Morta, Morta plius, Ana and Ana plius.

Where would we recommend erecting them? They suit spacious, solid bathrooms and rectangular premises.

Maintenance. The maintenance of frameless enclosures is simpler than that of framed constructions – it is easy to clean all the dirt from frameless planes.