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Fast drops

FAST DROPS are a useful discovery.

Glass – is one of the best substances to make the shower enclosures, as it is strong and lets the light through. However, the uneven surface (about 50 000 dents in square centimeter) and chemical structure make the natural glass not resistant to water’s impact. The glass withholds humidity and the salts present in water settle on the glass, thus this substance becomes less clear.

The intensive impact of water results in glass corrosion. The more the glass is affected by corrosion the more dirt is accumulated on it. It gets more and more difficult every day to clean such a glass, while the result is not very joyful. The glass is affected by corrosion even if the cleaned water is used (except for distilled).

FAST DROPS is a new technology that protects the glasses of shower enclosures from the impact of water. It provides additional features to the substance: the glass becomes more resistant to scratches and is easy to clean.

The water remains on glass because of the molecular force called surface tension. When the surface is coated by cover Fast drops, the direct contact of water molecules with glass disappears. The drops turn into balls and flow down because they are physically pushed from the surface.