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Collection WITHOUT LIMITS is the combination of glass walls and chromium-plated holders. The frameless construction creates a completely new sense of space. We offer a wide range of standard and customized enclosures to fit perfectly at any bathroom. The exceptional design enclosure allows to fulfil any unusual ideas.

Construction. The special construction of hinges guarantees their durability and functions of doors fixation and auto-closing. The safety and stability are guaranteed by additional glass holders.

Tightness. The gaskets cling fully, thus the shower enclosure is waterproof and looks very esthetically. The foundation of frameless constructions has to be prepared very well.

Models. The collection consists of seven models and their modifications made, according to non-standard dimensions: BANGA – an exceptional semicircular enclosure, which opens wide and creates space impression. NORA – standard of all collection. NORA PLUS – suits to any bathroom. NIDA – pentangle shower enclosure which saves space in bath. LIEPA and JULIA – creates more space in bathroom when fully bent to inside walls. Enclosures suits for "barrier free" bathroom while doors can be opened completely.

Maintenance. It is easy to maintain cleanliness of frameless shower enclosure than framed ones.

It is available glass to be clear or colored grey, brown, green, blue, satin.