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Classical collection of shower enclosures – SPACE

Collection SPACE is the combination of glass and aluminum profiles, where the glass constructions are predominant. The frameless shower doors and walls framed incompletely provide lightness and clearness for the products of this collection.

Construction. The construction of shower enclosures is strong because reliable links are used to make them together with tempered glass of 6 mm thickness and bearing mechanisms of high quality. The sliding doors roll by eight ball-bearings made from stainless steel.

Tightness. The tightness of shower enclosure is guaranteed by special foundation of shower enclosures and walls that merges with the bathroom’s floor perfectly. Thanks to the optimal height the enclosures may be mounted on the tray or directly on the bathroom’s floor. It is not simply practical, it is also comfortable.

Models. The collection consists of five models and their non-standard solutions: VAIVA, LAIMA, RASA, SVAJA and SVAJA PLIUS. Each model was created in cooperation with the interior designers, taking into account advice of private persons, thus the products are both esthetical and functional.

Where may they be erected? The shower enclosures of this collection may be erected both in spacious and small bathrooms.

Maintenance. They are easy to be maintained, because eight bearings of high quality and aluminum profile of special construction guarantee easy and smooth movement of sliding parts. In order to clean the enclosure perfectly, it is possible to remove the sliding doors easily.