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About us

“Company befriended with water”, that was the name once used to call us by the Finnish partners

UAB “Baltijos Brasta” was established in 1996 and its registered office is in Kaunas. The company is successfully working in several completely different business areas. The main business areas of the company are manufacture and trade in shower enclosures and toilets, office screens, manufacture and trade in packing materials and trade in building materials. More than 130 employees are working in the company.

We have been making shower enclosures since 2001. We decided to be loyal to quality, design and good service in the very beginning. We were working with designers to create the following collections of shower enclosures and walls: “Be ribų” (Without limits), “Erdvė” (Space), “Harmonija” (Harmony), “Akrobatė” (Acrobat), and “Charizma” (Charisma). Our shower enclosures are modern, are characterized by strong construction, tightness, and easy maintenance. We are making standard and non-standard shower enclosures and walls.

Our advantages:

Fast manufacture, warehousing and delivery. Manufacture of standard and non-standard shower enclosures with delivery takes 7-21 days. We keep the standard models desired by the customers in the warehouses, thus their delivery is extremely prompt.

Standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001. The division of the German company TUV Thuringen in Lithuania conducted the scheduled inspection in the end of 2011 and recognized that the quality and environmental management systems are working very well.

Experience and professionalism. The number of mistakes is extremely low in our company. We are able to select proper solutions based not only on theoretical calculations, but also on the practical experience.

Marketing assistance. We provide marketing assistance to our partners, as well – booklets, posters, promotional aids, websites in the language of partners.

Business experience and success in foreign and local markets. We export our products, services and experience to Finland, Norway, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and other countries.