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LTT Extra

LTT Extra


Excellent investment

it serves perfectly for shower partitions and screens, "graceful" partitions of WC and urinals

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Purpose. LTT Extra partitions are used when one searches for esthetics and high quality for good price. Filling of the partitions is high pressure laminate that is irreplaceable for shower rooms of common usage.


LTT-extra partitions are made from monolithic 10 mm high pressure laminate, which provides the best maintenance and esthetic characteristics to the partitions. The surface of partitions is easy to clean and resistant to mechanical damages. Special structure of the plate and fittings from stainless steel secure strength of partitions even in case of "lighter" (thinner) construction. The filling is waterproof.

The profile system of the Finnish company ELTETE is used. Doors with hinges (ASSA) lock with indication "free-occupied" (ABLOY).

Construction. The height of hinges from the floor is 2100 mm, including the leg's height of 120 mm. The measurements of facade intermediate walls and screens towards the depth are selected, according to the layout of premises

The high pressure laminate is an irreplaceable material for WC and shower partitions of good quality. It is made from especially strong polymerized phenol resin, resistant to environmental impacts and easy to care. The high pressure laminate does not contain any wood shavings, dust or foam pores characteristic to other plates as its features do not change and moisture does not accumulate in the laminate under constant influence of water and heat. The material is completely not toxic, waterprood and resistant to heat

Various colors of the plate are possible. Inquire us with regard to color scale.

LTT Extra

LTT Extra

LTT Extra

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