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Special supervision of quality

Control of quality supervision

We pay especially big attention to quality control, technical maintenance, administration and logistics. We have been granted the ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates.

1. Conformance of dimensions

  • We make the tubes and the angles according to the dimensions you have chosen.
  • We are continuously measuring the dimensions so that your requirements were satisfied:
    - internal diameter of the tubes, thickness and length of the wall; 
    - both walls of the angles, thickness and length of the wall.

2. Pasting quality 

  • We check the pasting quality by performing the test of the product’s lamination.
  • The additional inspection is conducted when the resistance to compression (it depends on the pasting quality) is measured.

3. Humidity

  • We measure the products’ humidity by special electronic hygrometer, thus the products are delivered only when their humidity is appropriate – properly dried.
  • If you need the special and exclusive humidity of the product, we are ready to implement your requirements.

4. Resistance to compression (strength)

  • We measure the resistance to compression using the leading-edge computer device. It guarantees the precise determination of resistance because the sensors record the turning point of the resistance.
  • If you need some particular resistance to compression or an especially strong product, we will make the products satisfying your needs.

5. Straightness of the product

  • All the made angles or tubes are straight because they are properly dried, packed and stored.
  • We measure the straightness using the special stand.
  • The products dried in the stove according to the requirements do not change their parameters if you guarantee the appropriate storage conditions.