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20 years
The experience growing number of customers manifest the well-earned name of the reliable partner!

We make the products used for packages: the carton tubes meant for the industry of paper, films, labels, textile and threads, wrapping of various products and shipping of small parcels by mail; and protective carton edgeboard, which are used to reinforce and protect the product packages.

We have accumulated big experience and our staff is qualified.

We have accumulated big experience and our staff is qualified. We cooperate with the Scandinavian partners. We are able to implement all the requests of the customers using the raw materials of high quality and modern technologies. The company has implemented the LEAN system, which allows constant improvement of process management and elimination of losses, in such a way creating the higher value to the customers. In order to have the orders executed on time, we control the manufacture by special manufacture program PREACTOR.

The quality and environment management system that satisfies the requirements of the standards LST EN ISO 9001:2008 and LST EN ISO 14001:2005 guarantee the implementation of the obligations of quality and environmental protection policy in the entire company.

We are selling our production not only in Lithuania, but we also export it to:
  • Baltic States
  • Eastern and Western Europe
  • Scandinavia
The products that we make are ecologically clean and may be used for recycling.