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Tyvek® UV Facade tape 7,5 cm x 25 m

Tyvek® UV Facade tape 7,5 cm x 25 m

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Name: 1310F; Tyvek® UV Facade tape
Composition of the material: polypropylene of high UV stabilization, acrylic glue

Description and application of the product

•    The single sided adhesive UV stabilized tape is meant to interconnect Tyvek® UV Façade membranes, and to correct the damages of the membrane
•    The tape’s resistance to UV rays coincides with the resistance of UV Facade membrane to UV rays (the resistance up to 10 years is secured, when the seam’s width between the finishing materials of ventilated open façade does not exceed 3 cm.)
•    The adhesive tape is characterized by high primary adhesion, thus it may be used for adhesion with other materials, e.g., nonwoven materials, plastic, metal, wood, etc.
•    The tape is resistant to aging, humidity, outdoor conditions and water.


Roll’s length
Roll’s width
cm 7,5
Weight (with protective paper)
g/m² 300

Weight of protective paper
g/m² 110
Protect the adhesive coating

protective paper
Main material

high UV polypropylene stabilization
Adherence of tape (AFERA 5001)
N / 25 mm 24
Temperature range of usage

From -40 to +100

Storage and installation conditions

•    Before usage it is recommended to make sure whether the tape is suitable for usage for intended purpose, i.e. whether it is chemically compatible with paints, coating, etc.
•    In order to receive the ideal adherence, the surface has to be dry and clean (without any dirt, fats or solvents).
•    The tape is cut by sharp and safe cutter or scissors.
•    It is recommended to use at ambient temperature above 0°C
•    The tape’s rolls have to be kept in their original package in clean and dry environment.
•    The storage temperature has to be between +10°C and +30°C, and the direct sunlight must be avoided.

Made by DuPont™, Luxembourg