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Tyvek® double sided adhesive tape 5 cm x 25 m

Tyvek® double sided adhesive tape 5 cm x 25 m

Ask about this product

Tyvek®double sided acrylic tape is meant:
•    To connect the diffusive membrane with even surfaces.
•    Suitable for vapor isolation.
•    To interconnect the diffusive membrane.

Name: 1310D; Tyvek® double sided acrylic tape
Composition of the material: acrylic glue / polyvinyl acetate – net

Peculiarities and advantages

•    The product is meant for building industry. Tyvek® tape adheres perfectly to Tyvek® diffusive membranes and to other materials of wide range (polyethylene, polypropylene, plastic, masonry, metal, wood, etc.).
•    The most suitable adherence with even surfaces.
•    May be used in the conditions of high humidity.
•    Excellent resistance to aging, water, humidity, environmental impact, and chemicals.
•    Suit to seal the junctions of membrane, roof, walls and floors, gaps by pipes, electric wires, antennas, chimneys, and ventilation chimneys.
•    High initial adherence module.


Roll’s length
M 25
Roll’s width
cm 5
Weight (without internal base)
g/m² 140
μm 150

glue / polyvinyl acetate – net
Weight of protective paper
g/m² 80
Work temperature
°C > 0 (recommended)
Temperature range of usage

from -40 to +80
(possible short impact up to +100)


Storage and installation conditions

•    Before usage it is recommended to make sure whether the tape is suitable for usage for intended purpose
•    In order to receive the ideal adherence, the surface has to be dry and clean (without any dirt, fats or solvents).
•    The tape is cut by sharp and safe cutter (scissors are not recommended).
•    The tape’s rolls have to be kept in clean and dry environment. The storage temperature has to be between +10°C and +30°C, and the direct sunlight must be avoided.

Made by DuPont™, Luxembourg