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Tyvek® butyl tape 20mm x 30m                   

Tyvek® butyl tape 20mm x 30m                   

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Name: 1310B; Tyvek® Butyl tape 20mm x 30m

Description and application of the product

Tyvek® butyl tape of double sided adhesiveness (synthetic rubber) with protective paper is meant to connect various building materials with Tyvek membranes. It is suitable to seal the junctions with windows, chimneys, roofing elements. The tape is adhered to masonry, timber, metal and plastic products.

Technical information

Roll’s length
M 30
Roll’s width
cm 2,0
Weight (without internal base)
g/m3 1,30
mm 1,2
Glue-protecting cover

paper strip
Resistance to temperature
oC from -30 to +90

Characteristics, application and storage

•    The product is meant for building industry. Tyvek® butyl tape is the product of high quality, thus it adheres even in short time.
•    The tape cannot be used at constantly high tensile forces.
•    Before usage it is necessary to check the impact of other products (compatibility with coating, paint and other chemical products)
•    The product is resistant to aging, water and humidity.
•    The recommended installation temperature is from +5°C to+40°C.
•    The applied surface has to be dry, clean and free of fat.
•    The storage conditions: the undamaged packages have to be stored in clean and dry place.

Made by DuPont™, Luxembourg