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Karnak 19 Ultra            volume 10,5 l.

Karnak 19 Ultra            volume 10,5 l.

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KARNAK 19 ULTRA (10,5 L) repairing mastic is meant to stop leakage, gaps, cracks in concrete, metal and bituminous roofing, to fill the span plates, and for general maintenance works.

KARNAK 19 ULTRA repairing mastic is new generation of asbestos-free mastics.
This is the mixture of separate components made from rubber-supplemented bitumen, mineral fibers and purified solvents. Karnak 19 Ultra has such consistency so that it was easy to have it put by ordinary spatula. This mastics forms firm, flexible cover adhered to the surface well that is very resistant to water. Karnak 19 Ultra contains special chemical supplements, which provide the unique feature of water expulsion. The mastic dries off until the flexible, elastic layer resistant to water and corrosion that provides maximal protection in various temperature and air conditions.

Characteristics and advantages:
* Flexible, contains rubber.
* Possible to use on wet or dry surface.
* Improved flexibility at low temperature.
* Improved resistance to water and air.
* Does not shrink nor crack.
* Of light and elastic consistency.
* Adheres perfectly.
* Resistant to leakage, dent at high temperature of roof
* Prepared for usage – no need to mix.
* Forms a very strong and firm layer.
* Does not contain asbestos.

Physical characteristics:
The consistency is very good and can be put by spatula.
It adheres perfectly to vertical and horizontal surfaces without any leakages and dents.
The put layer adheres perfectly to masonry, steel, concrete, bituminous roofing, and in the places where gable windows are connected to roofing.
The dried layer remains elastic and flexible despite very changed conditions of temperature and air.
Karnak 19 Ultra mastic is very resistant to fluidity at very high temperature of roofing. The mastic remains non-fluid even when it is put on vertical surfaces. The repaired surfaces have to be clean, free of fat, lubricants, dirt and other contaminants. Before Karnak 19 Ultra is put it is necessary to eliminate the surplus of water.

The Karnak 19 Ultra mastic is put by spatula in approx. 3 mm layer, by filling well all the gaps, holes and seams.

The material’s expenditure depends on the depth of damage and volumes of repair.

Made in Canada