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Agro textile material, 2,1 m x 25m, black

Agro textile material, 2,1 m x 25m, black

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Agro textile material – it is used to separate soil’s layers and to strengthen the carriageway. The vessels and stones are put on it, and the mulch is poured.
It is meant for usage in the greenhouses and outdoors, for houseplants, and for professional growers.

Additional information:
•    absorbs sunlight – the growth of weeds is inhibited,
•    reduces evaporation of soil’s moisture – it is topical during dry season,
•    resistant to diseases and bacteria,
•    resistant to UV rays – longer exploitation period,
•    permeable to water.



Parameters Characteristics
2,1 m x 25 m = 52,50 sq.m.
Material’s composition
100 % polyethylene
Weight of unitary area
100 g. / sq.m.
Resistance to UV rays
Marking Interwoven strip every 20 cm marking the rows