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About us

UAB “Baltijos Brasta” was established in 1996. One of the activities of our company is the trade in constructional and protective membranes. We were the first in Lithuania to implant the building culture of heated roofs and walls. In 1997 were introduced the Tyvek diffusive membrane to the market that has already become a legend. It formed the new building technology of houses and buildings.

We have been paying special attention to educate the builders, traders and owners of the houses for all 15 years. We have been writing article, preparing seminars, participating actively in exhibitions, investing into researches and certification of materials, as we understood in the very first year of activity that what needs to be sold to people is not products, but a warm, safe and economic house!

We are one of the founders of Lithuanian Roofing Contractors Association and members of the USA Roofing Contractors Association. We export our production to the Baltic, Scandinavian States, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine; we cooperate with the foreign companies working from Southeast Asia to the USA; and we have business partners almost in all the European countries.
Today we serve not only as the leaders of this market, but also as expert. If you encounter shortage of knowledge, consult us. Besides, you may find various advice, references or articles on this website.

Baltijos Brasta